进行中的神秘试验 Ongoing Mystical Experiment

Skills: 展览 Exhibition
UИTITLEDSPΛCE February Upcoming Exhibition
 Ongoing Mystical Experiment 
Opening: 28th February (Sunday) 16:00
参展艺术家 Exhibited Artists
 戴圣杰 Dai Shengjie 
Shengjie Dai’s artistic practice revolves around the two worlds of “self” and “nature”, proactively exploring the relationship between identity cognition and the external environment. Accompanying her frequent migration experiences during childhood, she uses her works to preserve memories and emotions, trying to answer the questions “where I come from and where I have been”. 
Untitled Space (Her Gaze Series #1) (她的凝视 #1)
Mixed media on canvas
120 x 120 cm 
《她的凝视》是戴圣杰的⼀系列绘画装置作品,其灵感来⾃于对梦境的记忆,以此为起点构建有隐喻意味 的空间,利⽤油画和3D打印模型,模糊⼆维与三维的界限。试图透过画幅边缘的“镜”,凝视和窥探个体的情绪状态和精神世界。
“Her Gaze” is a series of mixed media works by Dai Shengjie, inspired by the artist’s memory of dreams. She constructs metaphorical untitled spaces, uses oil paint and 3D printed female figures to blur the boundaries between two and three dimensions, and attempts to gaze and probe the individual’s emotional state and spiritual world through the “lens” at the outer edge of the frame.

 华雨桐 Alice Yutong Hua 
华雨桐在过去的阅读与写作经历中,深受中外虚构文学和古诗词中观察、体验、表达以及审美趣味的影响。大三(Junior Year)时从化学专业转修纯艺术。此后创作作品主要以抽象形式,运用多种材料探索自然与人造,随机与具象,生长与衰退的关系。
From Hua’s experience of reading and writing, she is deeply influenced by observation, experience, expression, and aesthetic preferences from fictional literature and ancient Chinese poetry. She transferred from a science to a fine art major in her junior year of college. Then she began her exploration of nature and artificiality, randomness and embodiment, organization, and entropy. 
 行间书线一号 Interlineation No. 1
板上综合材料,丙烯,铅笔 Acrylic, pencil, mixed media on panel
60 x 80 cm / 23.5 x 31.5 inches


“A narrative”

When the lines intersect

Exit discovered

 岳明月 Yue Mingyue 
Yue’s artistic practice conveys her thinking that death is a part of life, while she also explores the relationship between conception and the female body. Black and red yarn, as recurring materials, has become the inner symbolic bond of her works. Her work focuses on both textural differences in textile materials, hand embroidery, and digital embroidery. Yue’s personal and collaborative works cover fiber and textile art, photography, painting, drama, and short films. 
红纱·轨迹 Trace
纱布,线,喷漆 Gauze, Thread, Spray Paint
70 x 73.5cm
“Trace” depicts the imagination of the origin of life. The work is inspired by the medieval tapestry “Apocalypse”, through the traces left by the thread and spray paint, constructing the elements of blood, fire, and newborn, continuing the author’s exploration of the life series.

 朱子仪 Zhu Ziyi 
Zhu Ziyi has been focusing on the critical relationship and interaction between society and individuals in recent years. In contemporary society, how are we, as individuals, bound by the evaluation of group values. How does individual participation interact with the social development pattern when social movement and phenomenon happens?


就让你剪掉我的头发 I will let you cut my hair
现场行为 Live performance
The participation of the audience creates dominance and conflict, performance completed.
 不停地想不停地想Keep thinking and thinking and thinking and thinking

不停地。Keep happening.
*Live Performance by Artist Zhu Ziyi During the Opening: 17:30

 郑栖梧 Zheng Qiwu 
In Zheng’s practice of calligraphy, Qiwu focuses on exploring the process of handwriting and the sequential rule of time. She believes that “action” itself is one of her purposes of practicing calligraphy. The dynamic finger and arm movement during the writing process generate its unique timeliness. The action unconsciously generates, alternates,connects human being’s physical and emotional reactions, and gives “spirit” to the characters; human beings as the subject in the process of writing, the natural reaction of the body and the inner mapping are affected by “action” unconsciously. 
纸上水墨 Chinese ink on rice paper
The existence of a question mark only takes one second
If the existence of a question mark only takes one second 
The question mark does not exist at all
If a question mark does not exist at all

 赵嘉旌 Zhao Jiajing
A background in music and sound production allows Zhao Jiajing to keep exploring the immense possibilities of sound. His current work focuses on the spatial sound domain, with practices across composition, performance, sonic AR design, video, and installation. His artistic practices explore the phenomenology of sound, based on which he developed his Master’s dissertation about sonic world-building. His works often feature a philosophical discussion about social issues and rethinking of reality. Key areas of interest include spirituality, the post-anthropocene world, surveillance, comsumerist/capitalist society, and oriental philosophy. 
提取装置/The Extractor
四通道交互声音视频 4-Channel Audio, Video
尺寸可变 Variable Sizes



The Extractor is a 4-Channel interactive audio, video installation exploring the existential crisis in the age of deep surveillance. In 2020, Elon Musk’s NeuraLink has presented with their brain-machine interface, which is installed flush on the skull. The little electronic piece, according to Musk, can read brain activity, and even predict the body movement corresponding to the micro electro-currents of the brain. The surveillance device has reached deep under skin level, which signifies another step further to exhausting data from the body.  Rather than being about persons, the surveillance technologies and data structures are of the body, giving rise to a new ontology of the body as information by breaking the body into flows to feed the assemblage over the reconstitution of the body with such flows. Such kind of existence by the representation of data is annihilating the metaphysical existence of individuals. The Extractor sonifies and visualises the brainwave activity of the audience to allow direct conversation between the digital avatar and the individual under surveillance. The by putting audiences into the sea of data extracted from them, artwork asks an emergent question in the era of Dataism: do we still have ineffable existences which transcends bodily presence?